10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Having A Cosmetic Laser Procedure

By: Dr. Charles
Topics: General


Growing older is no longer synonymous with looking or feeling that way.  We can now prevent, reduce and erase the signs of age with little or no downtime or pain.  Laser treatments can range from hair removal, reduction of wrinkles and broken blood vessels, treatment of acne scars and much more.  When consulting with your provider, asking well thought out questions is essential to ensuring a positive experience; even the simplest procedure carries potential risk by someone who is not properly trained.  Some questions to get your conversation started include:

  1. What does the procedure entail? What type of laser will be used and why?
  2. How many patients with this condition have you treated with this laser?
  3. How many years experience do you have treating this condition?
  4. What are the average results I can expect?
  5. How many treatment sessions are required to achieve results and what is the cost of each treatment?
  6. Is there any downtime?  If so how long?
  7. Are there any risks for my skin type?
  8. What are the potential complications and what will you do if any would take place?
  9. Do you have any positive testimonials or before/after photos of patients you have treated?
  10. Will the treatment be conducted by you or someone else?  If someone else, what training do they have?

Questions like these will encourage a positive and productive dialogue between you and your provider before you undergo a treatment.  Most likely, you will have less anxiety during the procedure knowing you asked the right questions and received helpful information before committing to your procedure.