4 Ways to Refine Your Facial Features For A Perfect Selfie

By: Dr. Danahey, MD, PhD
Topics: General


Have you ever noticed that your selfies are revealing a profile that is not what you remembered, or expected? Whether it’s an under-defined chin, excess fat, loose neck skin, or a combination of factors, the good news is that there are many options to refine your profile to get that “perfect selfie” to post on social media. In fact, both men and women are seeking out options to achieve a more sculpted, defined, and youthful profile. Follow this guide from non-invasive to surgical options to refine your facial features and help you achieve the facial profile you desire. 

1. Kybella Injections

For those who have excess fat under their chin, but still have good muscle tone and skin, there is a new non-invasive option; Kybella. Kybella is an injectable procedure that is performed in-office to treat neck fat (submental fullness). Several small Kybella injections will permanently break down localized fat deposits. Generally two to three treatment sessions are necessary and spaced 4-6 weeks apart. 

2. Liposuction

If the fat is more significant, liposuction is often a good minimally-invasive solution to give your neck a leaner look. Liposuction for this area can be done relatively quickly in the operating room. The incision is placed very inconspicuously in the natural crease under the chin. It is very small, and usually heals very well, so that the scar is almost undetectable. This procedure can be performed comfortably under local anesthesia if you choose. If you have good skin laxity, liposuction can be a good stand-alone procedure. However, if your neck skin is lax, skin tightening might also be necessary to achieve the look you desire.

3. Chin Implant or Sliding Genioplasty

For those whose problem is related to jaw anatomy or a recessive chin, there are surgical options available. A chin implant is a popular solution for its natural appearance and ability to create a more balanced profile. Another surgical option may be a sliding genioplasty, a technique used to move the chin forward for those who may want to correct the look of a recessed chin, or a sloping/oblique neck. This technique can also sharpen the chin-neck angle. 

4. Neck Lift

If the skin has lost elasticity and become droopy (creating jowling and turkey neck), then a neck lift can provide both skin tightening and improvement to the neck angle. This can usually be combined with liposuction of the neck, if needed, for increased definition.

A neck lift achieves neck tightness by suturing the neck platysmal muscles together, in conjunction with removing excess skin. Tightening of the platysmal muscle (also known as platysmaplasty) will require a small incision under the chin, away from direct view, to gain access to the front edge of the muscles on the neck; the platysmal muscles are then sutured together to eradicate the “bands” in the front of the neck. The muscles of the neck are the foundations and building blocks of the neck and repositioning them is fundamental to achieving a tight and toned result.


Whether the cause is inherited genetics or aging, there are many options available today that allow patients to correct and improve their profile. Your board certified facial plastic surgeon can help you determine which options: non-invasive, minimally-invasive, or surgical, can create the profile you desire.