8 Diet Tips To Maximize Your UltraShape Results

By: Dr. Charles
Topics: General


UltraShape, a body sculpting treatment, is perfect for people who practice a healthy diet and exercise program, but just can't seem to get rid of stubborn fat.

During UltraShape treatment, fat cells get destroyed and release triglycerides, which are broken down into three free fatty acids and glycerol, and transported to the liver to be used as energy.

During the course of your UltraShape fat reduction treatment, we recommend that you follow a healthy diet plan in order to facilitate and utilize the released free fatty acids as a source of energy and nutrients for the body. By following the diet/lifestyle instruction you are ensuring that your body processes fat cells most efficiently to see the best results possible.

Follow these 8 tips to get the best results possible from your UltraShape treatment.

1. Bring on (the right) Beverages
  • Drink Water
    • Remember drink at least two liters of water a day. It’s a well known fact that water intake contributes and facilitates the fat clearance metabolic pathways. Consuming enough water reduces hunger, increases metabolism and stimulates circulation.
  • Avoid Pop/Soda
    • These beverages are loaded with sugar – which your newly destroyed fat cells will stick to when they are working their way out of your body and redeposit elsewhere.
  • Avoid Alcohol
    • These beverages are also very high in sugars. Dry red wine is the best option since it is the lowest in sugar of most alcoholic drinks.
2. Just Add Vegetables
  • Add lots of vegetables with your meals. Veggies are full of fibers, and these are great because it fills you up for fewer calories. Steamed vegetables are the best option because they retain all the vitamins and nutrients during the cooking process.
3. Say No To Pasta & Other Refined Carbs
  • Avoid white bread, pasta, sugar and rice. Instead, switch to whole grain versions of these foods. Research shows eating wholegrain facilitates fat loss.
4. Choose the Right Meat
  • Replace red meat with white meat, such as turkey, chicken, and fish. These meats are generally lower in fat content.
5. Load Up on Calcium
  • Calcium-rich foods such as low-fat yogurt and milk can help reduce the amount of fat absorbed from food.
6. Do NOT…
  • Skip Meals
    • Skipping meals may slow down your metabolism which may affect the rate at which the fat released from the UltraShape treatment is used.
  • Eat Processed Meals/Foods
    • Ready-made meals contain lots of saturated fat, artificial ingredients and added salt.
7. Reduce Intake of Fatty Foods
  • This includes takeout pizza, burgers and chips.
8. Avoid Sugary Snacks and Desserts
  • Sugary snacks and desserts are very high in sugar which converts into fat when processed by your body.


While following some of these diet recommendations may be difficult, these changes will help you eat healthier as well as give you the best results from your UltraShape treatment. Prior to your first UltraShape treatment, start to incorporate these recommendations into your diet that way once your treatment time comes, you’ve already been “following the rules” and are ready to see the fat melt away!