Breast Asymmetries Treatment Options

By: DuPage Medical Group Plastic Surgery
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Congenital breast asymmetry is an issue that’s not usually discussed. After all, it’s completely normal for every woman to have some degree of minor asymmetry; no two breasts are ever truly identical. However, for a small percentage of women, the breasts mature at dramatically different rates, and one breast might not even develop at all. Severe asymmetries can have an enormous impact on these women. They may have trouble finding clothes that fit properly or they may struggle with low self-esteem.  However, there is hope through a combination of several procedures, performed during a single surgery, we can correct these severe asymmetries and enable these women to regain confidence in their lives.

Several options exist:

Breast Augmentation - Augmentation involves placing implants underneath the skin of the breast, typically below the muscle. The implants are usually filled with silicone gel and will look and feel just like natural breasts. We’ll determine the size of the implant based on the patient’s measurements and the look we want to achieve.

Breast Lift -In a breast lift, or mastopexy, some of the excess breast skin can be removed, the nipple can be repositioned the nipple and the breast put into a slightly higher, more natural looking position. Thanks to a newer technique (called a “vertical mastopexy”) the procedure results in fewer, less noticeable scars.

Breast Reduction - Breast reduction involves removing some of the tissue, skin and fat from the breast to reshape and reduce the size of the breast. Occasionally, the nipple and areola may need to be repositioned as well.

The particular surgical plan chosen will depend entirely upon each woman’s situation. This may require work on the unaffected breast, the affected breast, or even both. The surgery might involve a simple breast augmentation, an augmentation with a breast lift, or a reduction of the larger breast. Implants may or may not be needed. For some women, a breast lift on one side combined with a reduction on the other side will achieve the right results.

The surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure, with as little as one or two weeks of downtime. Women interested in surgical correction of breast asymmetries must wait until their bodies have fully developed, usually by age 18. However, there’s no “time limit” thereafter. The surgery can be performed on older as well as younger women, so women who have been dealing with the issue for years can finally achieve better symmetry.

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