Choosing Your Physician: What it Means to be Board Certified

By: DMG Aesthetics
Topics: General


You have decided that you are ready to make some changes to your appearance. Perhaps this means reducing some wrinkles on your face, creating more fullness in your lips or finally having an area of your body fixed that has bothered you for years. Whatever cosmetic procedure you are interested in, it is important that you select a provider to perform it who is not only experienced, but is board certified.

Board certification is a voluntary process that occurs after a physician receives his or her medical license. Board Certification is awarded through the American Board of Medical Specialties, a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization responsible for putting educational and professional standards in place for physicians in specific specialties. This ensures physicians are providing the highest level of care in their medical specialty through their knowledge, experience, skillsets and education attained.

To become board certified, the physician must have completed:

  • 4 years of undergraduate premedical education at a college or university
  • Medical school in which a Medical Doctor (MD) degree of Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree is earned
  • Full-time residency that lasts three – five years at an accredited training program
  • Medical licensure to practice in a specific specialty

Once a physician completes his or her pre-requisites to become board certified, he or she then undergoes a thorough testing process that includes written and sometimes oral examinations that test a physician on topics within their specialty.

To maintain board certification, a physician must repeat their board exams every 10 years, keep up-to-date on the latest advances in their specialty and be committed to lifelong learning in the medical field, carrying out their practice in the most ethical of manners and delivering the highest patient care.

Physicians who choose to pursue board certification are those dedicated to staying current with the latest advances within their specialty. This translates to increased standards and delivery of higher quality healthcare.   

The physicians of DMG Aesthetics are committed to the best possible patient experience, with all physicians’ board certified in their respective specialties including dermatology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.