Focus on Fillers

By: Dr. Charles
Topics: General


Dermal fillers refer to a group of injectable products that can be used for aesthetic correction of lines, wrinkles and hollowing of the face. The first, and perhaps best known, member of this product group was collagen. Collagen first came to market over 20 years ago and was found to be an excellent product to help enhance lips and also fill very fine lines. Unfortunately, the results would only last 1-3 months and the lack of competitive products made it fairly costly. This and the need for allergy testing prior to its use was the driving force behind research to develop alternatives.

Fast forward to 2014, and we now have a variety of different products that we can offer our patients. So how do you know if dermal filler is the right option for your aesthetic problem, or even which dermal filler you should be using? This is where consultation with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon can be of great benefit. Physicians trained in the use of these products know when one option might be better than another, and what would be safest for an individual patient. If a patient presents for lip augmentation, a filler like Restylane® might be used since it has reliable injection properties and actually carries FDA approval for injection into the lips. If a patient has hollowing out of their cheekbones, the new filler Juvederm Voluma XC® might be the best choice given it has more plumping and lifting power than other members of its product class. If a patient presents with volume loss of the dorsal hands that is leading to increased visibility of veins, the physician would tent to recommend Radiesse®.

These procedures tend to involve minimal downtime as the product may cause only a little bit of swelling or redness. They are injected with small caliber needles; that and the addition of numbing agents to the products can make discomfort minimal or non-existent. Dermal fillers are sometimes used by patients who are trying to delay a larger cosmetic surgical procedure such as a face lift. They can also be used in a complementary fashion to other cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. In addition, they tend to be cost effective and can easily fit into most budgets. If you want to know if one of these procedures could benefit you, please set up an appointment with one of our physicians for a consultation. 

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