Maintain Youthful Hands with a Hand Lift

By: Dr. Desai
Topics: General


Tired of your hands giving away your age? We often take great care to smooth, tighten and firm up our faces, but tend to forget about our hands. And although sunscreen is vital for the prevention of wrinkles, skin cancers and dark spots, age-related volume loss can be difficult to prevent. This results in thinning of the skin and more prominent hand vein and joint protrusion, which can make you look a lot older. If you are satisfied with your face, don’t you want your hands to match? Just like our faces, there are ways to reverse the aging clock on your hands. Hand rejuvenation, or a hand lift, uses Radiesse®, an innovative new way to smooth, brighten and bring back the look of your hands.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is the first and only dermal filler that is FDA-approved for the correction of volume loss for the backs of the hands (hand augmentation). It is made of biologically absorbable microspheres which stimulates your own collagen production. When injected, Radiesse® raises the skin level so that tendons, joints and veins lose their prominence. Radiesse® fillers are commonly used on the face for long-lasting plumping and sculpting of the lips, facial wrinkles and under-eye circles. Plus, this solution can last up to a year.

The Radiesse® Hand Lift Procedure

Radiesse® is injected directly into the hands by your physician right in the office, and no anesthesia is required. Immediately after the injection, the filler will be smoothed into place and you will be able to see a more supple and youthful appearance instantly. The injections should take between 10 and 15 minutes. You may experience mild temporary swelling in your hand, but this will settle down in a few days. It is recommended that you rest your hands after your procedure and the following day, so as to not increase swelling. There is very little discomfort associated with the procedure and only a small risk of bruising.


If you have thinning skin and prominent hand veins and don’t like the way they look, come in for a consultation to see if Radiesse® can help turn back the clock and give you ageless hands.