Peel Away Imperfections with Laser Resurfacing

By: DMG Aesthetics
Topics: General


As we age, our skin succumbs to the unfortunate effects of the sun, texture irregularities, acne scars and unique facial movements that create fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. But there is hope! Carbon dioxide (CO2) fractional laser resurfacing removes deeper layers of damaged skin, stimulates the regeneration of skin underneath and helps with skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation.

CO2 fractional resurfacing can be customized to fit each person’s specific problem areas surrounding the eyes, mouth, full face and neck. To ensure optimal comfort, numbing cream is applied 60 minutes prior to having this in-office procedure. Most patients describe the discomfort as being equivalent to a bad sunburn, and symptoms generally improve after 12-24 hours.

Typically, CO2 laser treatment requires about seven days for a full recovery. You may begin to wear makeup around the fifth day as your skin will be sensitive and pink in tone. You can begin to see improvements to your skin within one to two weeks following treatment and your results will continue to improve for a period of six months. After the procedure, a strict skincare regimen, including sun avoidance, is recommended to obtain optimal results. Having one CO2 laser treatment is comparable to having several other non-invasive procedures at one time, so while you will experience downtime, the results are greater than other less invasive procedures. Usually only one CO2 treatment is recommended but maintenance treatments may be necessary to optimize results.

One of the best times to consider a C02 laser resurfacing is after the summer months come to an end. Schedule a consultation for CO2 fractional laser resurfacing and see dramatic results to the appearance of your skin. Book your appointment at the Warrenville office by calling 630-348-3000.