Products and Treatment Selection: A Q & A with Dr. Berggren

By: Dr. Berggren
Topics: General


Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Kelle Berggren is highly knowledgeable on skin care product and treatment options, routinely giving talks to patients and providing skin care recommendations and education daily. In her Q & A, learn from an expert what key products, treatments and non-surgical procedures she recommends for you.

Question:  Dr. Berggren, what products won’t you leave the house without?  

Answer:  Getting out of the house in the morning is a really quick affair; I usually wake up about 30 minutes before I leave so that gives me just enough time to shower, apply products and makeup, do my hair and grab breakfast-on-the-go.  I always want to apply sunscreen so I try to do 2 steps in 1, like using either Avene Haute Protection which is a zinc based foundation or Intellishade by Revision Skincare which is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and antioxidants built in.  Eye cream is also a must (especially one containing caffeine) to reduce under eye puffiness.

Question:  As a mother of three, do you have any beauty tips for a busy mom?

Answer:  Having an 8, 6 and 4 year old, as well as two crazy French Bulldogs, leaves very little time for a beauty regimen.  My best advice is to do as much as possible in the morning when a routine is already in place.  At night, we are too exhausted to do anything but fall into bed.  Using just the top products that have the most evidence behind them keeps the routine simple.  Sunscreen, a retinoid, glycolic acid and a good eye cream completes that list.

Question:  Although you prefer a simple beauty routine, what is your favorite beauty splurge or treatment?

Answer:  As you age, the skin becomes much more lax so a skin tightening laser is always good for a slight “lift”, like the Venus Freeze.  Photorejuvenation or Broad Band Light (BBL) does a great job of cleaning up summer damage and brown spots, as well as evening out all of the discoloration of the chest.  By having a HydraFacial or peel every 6 weeks, all the dead skin cells will be removed which makes your facial products work a lot better – plus a nice glow is always good.  I can’t complete this list without Botox and fillers.  Botox gets rid of those stubborn scowl lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines that age us and make us look angry or tired.  Filler does a beautiful job of adding volume to the “parentheses” and marionette lines that show up as we age.  No-one has to look “different”, just better rested and more youthful!

Question:  What skincare products would we see if we peeked inside your beauty cabinet?

Answer:  Well, we have a recurring theme here…definitely a sunscreen (Intellishade, Haute foundation or another favorite, ColoreScience Powder Zinc), a retinoid (which one you use depends on the sensitivity of your skin), Glycolic Acid (I like the cleansers the best), an eye cream (my favorite is Neocutis Lumiere) and my Clarisonic Brush.  

*All products and treatments are available through Belleza Skin Care Institute and non-surgical procedures including Botox and fillers are available through DMG Aesthetics.