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Cosmetic Surgery Imaging

Cosmetic surgery imaging is a tool that allows a physician to demonstrate projected changes on your face using high quality photography and equipment. DMG Aesthetics facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is one of few providers in the Chicagoland area who offers this service as an important feature of your consultation.

During your consultation, the cosmetic coordinator will take your digital photos. An imaging session is then scheduled, at which time the physician modifies the images and simulates the potential changes, right there in front of you!

Of course, the process of changing an image on a computer screen is quite different from the surgical process. We must always consider individual anatomy, the healing process, and the 2 dimensional nature of the technology.

With over ten years of experience using this sophisticated computer imaging software, the goal is not to provide an idealized image, but to provide you with a realistic and natural image of what is possible.

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