Laser Procedures


ProFractional III Laser

ProFractional III Laser is the newest and latest laser used for improving the overall appearance of your skin. ProFractional uses a laser microbeam to treat thousands of pinpointed areas of your skin. Perfect for those looking for younger looking skin, or to improve scars, wrinkles or sun damage. 

ProFractional can be used to improve a wide variety of skin conditions, but used mostly for:

  •     Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  •     Post-traumatic Scars 
  •     Acne Scars 
  •     Age Spots 
  •     Sun Spots 
  •     Freckles 
  •     Aging & Sun-Damaged Skin

The treatment alone takes between 15 – 45 minutes, with 2-3 treatments recommended for optimal results. You can expect your healing process to take up to 10 days. Over this time period you may notice a general tightening effect. However, the true benefit of ProFractional is the collagen remodeling that occurs during the 4 to 6 months following your treatment.

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